Q 01:, what is it about? What can I buy here?

A: is Discount portal, popular service all over the World. You can buy so-called VOUCHER here, which entitles you to obtain goods or services at favorable prices from various sellers.


Q 02: I want to buy offered Discount / Deal at, how to do it?

A: There is few easy steps which you need to follow.

  1. Simply click "PICTURE" or button "SHOW DISCOUNT" of the offer/deal you like.
  2. Click on “BUY IT”.
  3. Alternatively If there is possibility between two or more variant of offer/deal, click variant what you prefer.
  4. Now you can see ELECTRONIC SHOPPING CART (BASKET) with deal/discount you selected. You may want to buy more different Vouchers. Simply go back to the main menu and repeat the above procedure with another deal. Vouchers will be added to the shopping cart (basket).
  5. If you are NOT Registered Costumer you can register yourself via Facebook, simply click button “Register via Facebook”, or you can register yourself by e-mail. If you are ALRAEDY Registered Costumer fill up login and password and click button “LOG-IN”
  6. SUMMARY. In this step you can check what's in your electronic shopping cart. If you want buy more Vouchers, simply go back to the main menu and repeat the above procedure with another deal. Vouchers will be added to the shopping cart (basket).
  7. CREDITS. If you have any credits from your previous purchases, you can use it now to make your discount more advantageous. Just set up box “Apply Credits”.
  8. Once you are done with the vouchers selection, click the "Submit Order" button. You will be redirected to the Dragonpay payment gateway to select a payment method.
  9. INSTRUCTIONS. After you have completed your payment method selection on Dragonpay, you will be redirected to the instructions page for important information on your order.
  10. Once we receive your payment, we will send vouchers to your email. You can also find the vouchers in your User Account.


Q 03: What will happen after my purchase/payment?

A: Few minutes after you finish purchase, you will receive confirmation e-mail in your mailbox. If you cannot find it just kindly try to check "SPAM" folder. If you are using Gmail check also "PROMOTIONS" folder. In the email message you will find important information about your purchase. Once you have made a payment, you will receive an email message with links to purchased vouchers.


Q 04: I check my e-mail Inbox and SPAM folder, but I cannot see any message.

A: In case you cannot find e-mail from us, just log-in to your account via Facebook or by filling up your login and password data and click “My Account” (at the top right). Here you will see details of all your purchases from before and present.


Q 05: I received my VOUCHER, what will I do now?

A: Great, you have your VOUCHER now and you can enjoy your discount. Simply show your VOUCHER to merchandise seller. YOUR VOUCHER IS VERY IMPORTANT, because it entitle you to take goods or services from merchandise seller you choose. Your VOUCHER contains important information as well as a SPECIAL UNIQUE NUMBER. Do not lose it. Save it in your device memory. In case you lost VOUCHER, please contact us.

Q 06: Do I need to print VOUCHER?

A: We would like to ask you for help with environmental protection. If possible, please do not print VOUCHER. It is sufficient to show the voucher to the Merchant seller on the display of your mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device. Thank you


Q 07: Can I give a voucher to someone as a gift?

A: YES, vouchers are portable and not tied to a name. To use a voucher, you or the gifted person will need the unique code that appears on the VOUCHER.


Q 08: I'm afraid to buy something, I do not want to lose my money.

A: We guarantee secure purchase and 100% satisfaction with the discount offer. With you buy without risk due to a GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION! In case of any problem, we will simply refund your money. This applies in the case the Voucher is valid on the date of the refund request and the expiration date on the Voucher specified is at least 7 days from the date of the refund request.


Q 09: What does Voucher look like?

A: VOUCHER contains important information for the Customer and also for the Merchant.

  1. The Customer will find the original number (Voucher code) and validity period on the Voucher.
  2. The Voucher is also equipped with a QR code, which is important for the Merchant, who scans it into the system to verify its validity.



Discount deal voucher example



Gift Voucher example

Gift Voucher example deal discount 02


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